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Number of Students involved in work study will be limited.

The Work Study option is given to off-set the cost of classes for families with a need.

  • Each student choosing this option will pay $3.00 per class aiding in purchasing your costume for the season.
  • Each parent or student will volunteer for an equal number of hours in exchange for class room hours.
  • The parent or student then agrees to volunteer in one of the following areas to help Karar operate smoothly. In this way the needs of both the Academy and the parents are met.
  • Volunteer work needs to be performed before or in the same week that the class is taken. Jobs are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Instructions for all of the jobs will be provided.

In whatever area you choose to serve, you have the opportunity to greatly aid others. We can help teach our children to serve, give and help. We can teach them moral character and values.
THANK YOU for providing your very appreciated service.
*** I am always looking to improve the clarity of the information I give you. I encourage you to come to me with any questions! ***
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Work Study Registration Form
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Work study tasks may include the following:

  • yard work
  • snow removal
  • indoor general cleaning
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