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"Karar Academy performances always leave us wanting more and longing for a deeper relationship with Jesus. Their ability to share the love of Christ in such a beautiful way, gives God glory and people hope. I can't wait to bring them to our community!
Wendy Hoekstra, Youth Pastor, Augusta, Wisconsin
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Karar Student Ballet Company takes dancers in training and gives them the opportunity to share their gifts all across Wisconsin and surrounding states. Our focus is on giving the best that we have from the level we are at and offering it to the Lord and to others.

The girls are learning that when they are willing to be used, God will use them. Consisting of middle school and high school students this small troupe has been privileged to dance and share testimonies at worship services and other venues around Wisconsin.

Karar's Student company offers it's dancers rare opportunities. Each performance
 brings them to a new location with varied personalities instructing them on what 
is required that day/evening. The dancers learn to adjust at a moments notice and
 maintain a heart of service to those around them as unto the Lord. Faced with 
constantly changing stages, costume changes in a matter of seconds, audiences of
 all ages and cultures as well as ministering to audiences of young children to high
 ranking business people; they work together to overcome fears and insecurities
 that would hold them back from giving all of themselves to serve the Lord. The
 dancers are taught that they are nothing but

imperfect people ministering the love of Jesus to other imperfect people.

On top of the personal growth of the individual girls, we become a family onto
ourselves. These girls learn to cheer each other on to rejoice in the success of 
another dancer and encourage one who is struggling. They pray together and 
through dance, worship together. They travel for hours in cramped back seats 
surrounded by costumes and sleep on one another's shoulders. It is a precious 

Finally, it is not us alone who receive the blessings. Many have been touched by the
ministy of the Karar Student Co. They come quickly to the girls and share the many
ways that their hearts were affected as they watched the powerful movements of
ballet bringing glory to God.

Meet our current Company Dancers below:
2019-2020 Student company update
 My name is Clara Dietrich and I'm 14 years old.  

I live in Amery, WI with my parents, Mark and Wendy Dietrich, and my four siblings, three younger sisters and an older brother.  I also have a cat.  My siblings and I are all homeschooled.
I started attending Karar Academy in 2012, when I was six years old.  It was my first year of ballet, and I loved it from the start!  In the seven years that I have been in Karar Academy, I have learned to focus on learning and improving my own technique skills instead of comparing myself to others.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  One thing I struggle with is flexibility I felt disheartened and frustrated, to the point of tears, when I still wasn’t able to get my splits or extensions after six years.  But during one class, when I stopped comparing myself to the other dancers, I suddenly started to improve!  God tells us to do everything for Him and I am so glad to have the opportunity to dance in the Student Company and use my talents to bring glory to Him.  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 23 because it reminds me that God is my comforter, like a real father.  I can always come to Him no matter what.
When I grow up, I hope to pursue the arts:  painting, drawing and dancing.  I also would like to teach classical ballet for Karar Academy.