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Karar Academy Student Company

Karar Student Ballet Company takes dancers in training and gives them the opportunity to share their gifts all across Wisconsin and surrounding states.  Our focus is on giving the best that we have from the level we are at and offering it to the Lord and to others.

See how training in the classroom is taken to the sanctuary. Click on the link below.

How can we best bring the love and joy of Christ to your congregation or group?  We are limited only by our imagination.  Below is a list of ideas for you to consider.  But it is not exhaustive!

Congregational worship service

Incorporate multiple dance pieces into your morning worship service.  This could be in place of your worship set, back to back during a separate time during your service, or divided throughout the service. (depending on how music is incorporated into your worship time)

Dance one piece during offering, communion, during candle lighting, or another specific time during your service.

A full length program of dance, testimony and scripture reading that would fill the entire service time.  

Our Student Company is currently offering "Testimonies of Faith."  This 45 minute presentation tells the story of multiple individuals, each one showing God's hand of faithfulness as they endure trials of many kinds.  

Cost:  We can't set a flat rate, as each opportunity is so varied in time, distance, and even purpose.  We ask for an honorarium and/or free will offering.  If traveling a great distance (more than 60 miles), we ask mileage, housing, and food to be covered.

Student Company Productions

Productions are larger events with full cast & set, requiring an auditorium or comparable staging and adequate backstage areas.

Karar Academy Student Company & Academy students currently offer two full length productions.  If you would like to bring one of these productions to your area, please contact us!  Productions require a minimum of three months preparation and a minimum of $500 honorarium fee.

A Christmas Carol:  

Bring this beloved story to your church or community.
Redemption Ÿ Second Chances Ÿ  Compassion & Kindness
Full cast & set, beautifully choreographed, perfect for the Christmas season.

Pursuing the Prodigal:

The Power of Addiction
Meets the Power of God 
Student Company

Student Company Dancers 

Maggie Alen - Assistant Artistic Director

This year is my sixth year at Karar Academy.  I am fourteen years old.  The focus of our ballet classes has always been to dance for the Lord, which is one reason I love Karar.  Another reason is that I am thankful for the Christian friends I have made.  I like making good memories with them in and out of class.

I have four brothers and two sisters.  My family enjoys biking and kayaking together.  I love to crochet, craft, and bake, too.

One of my favorite company songs to perform is "Nearer My God to Thee", because the story behind the dance is so powerful.  The testimonies of the five missionary families who gave so much to bring the gospel to the Waodani, a native tribe of Ecuador, reminds me that anything is possible with God.

Psalm 75:3 is very sweet to me.  It says, "When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars."  This verse reassures me that whatever comes, even if it is something that is painful or that challenges your faith, God is in control.  He will keep His people strong.

Clara Dietrich - Captain

I am 15 years old. I live in Amery, WI with my parents, Mark and Wendy Dietrich, and my four siblings, three younger sisters and an older brother.  I also have a cat.  My siblings and I are all homeschooled.

I started attending Karar Academy in 2012, when I was six years old.  It was my first year of ballet, and I loved it from the start!  In the eight years that I have been in Karar Academy, I have learned to focus on learning and improving my own technique skills instead of comparing myself to others.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  One thing I struggle with is flexibility.  I felt disheartened and frustrated, to the point of tears, when I still wasn’t able to get my splits or extensions after six years.  But during one class, when I stopped comparing myself to the other dancers, I suddenly started to improve!  

God tells us to do everything for Him and I am so glad to have the opportunity to dance in the Student Company and use my talents to bring glory to Him.  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 23 because it reminds me that God is my comforter, like a real father.  I can always come to Him no matter what.
When I grow up, I hope to pursue the arts:  painting, drawing and dancing.  I also would like to teach classical ballet for Karar Academy.  

Hadassah Johnson

I started attending Karar Academy In 2017. I really appreciated how Miss Holly prayed with us in every class and that she always took the time to correct my form. I am very grateful to have been taught classical ballet by such a knowledgeable and patient

I live in Dresser,WI with my parents, Andrew and Jamie, and I am the oldest of 5 children. I also have a dog and 2 cats. We are a homeschooled family. One of the perks of homeschooling is that I can sleep in! Besides ballet, I enjoy swimming, going on nature walks, painting, and doing fun crafts.

I really like Psalm 150. The whole Psalm is about praising God. I love to praise God and give him glory through dancing! “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Company Trainees:

Elisa Alen
Esther Dietrich

Lily Dietrich