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Oh my how I love ballet! I love it, love it, love it!  You might not guess that I didn't start my training until the age of 18. And not even in ballet! I began in Modern Dance. I discovered a real passion for dance in those first classes with my instructors, Barry and Michael.

As the years went by my heart tuned to ballet. I took every opportunity to study it. There wasn't a book in the library, even children's picture books, that I didn't check out and study. By now I was busy having babies, 4 total, but would sneak into my days any random training opportunity that I could.

Holly Hutchens is a remarkable teacher. Her deep love for ballet dancing and passion to teach correctly underlies everything she does. She understands my technique thoroughly and demonstrates positions and movements beautifully. Most importantly, you can rest assured that Holly will always be willing to go the extra measure to give your child a deep and lasting understanding of the wonders of ballet technique. She is the jewel in your crown!
-Finis Jhung,
Master Teacher -New York
Now, I do love ballet, but not for it's sake. I have no desire to dance for the sake of dance alone. I decided to commit my life to Christ many years ago. Now, I want only to give back to Him that which He first gave me ~talk about One who gets the credit!~ Our very bodies were created by the living God!

"I founded Karar Academy with the purpose of training young people in the art of ballet technique, in order to use these skills to honor God. How much more dedication should we offer when that is our goal! All of our heart, all of our dedication and nothing less than our very best effort. May the Lord keep me faithful to continuously train and teach with this singular focus, to show students, by my words and example that we worship God by how we live our everyday lives. I want to inspire young people to have an active and growing relationship with the Lord that spills over onto all who come near them."
-  Holly Hutchens
Founder of Karar Academy 
Off-site Artistic Director in charge of teacher training for Clear Lake, WI 
Artistic Director and Instructor Spring Valley, MN 
 - Mrs. Holly Hutchens
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I've studied at the Minnesota Institute of Dance and Zenon Academy in Minn, MN. But my instructor, my mentor and the man I respect more than any other in the dance world is Finis Jhung. Finis is my coach today and has been for many years. This bio is about me, I know, but none of us learn without instruction, and credit must be given where it is due. His technique, I've adopted as my technique and I do not waver from it! He may never grasp my true appreciation of his methods of training, his patience and kindness toward me. ~Thank you, Finis. ~
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