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 Karar Academy looks at each applicant as an individual. 

The scholarship will be awarded based on aptitude. 

No previous training is needed. 

Applicants do not need to be enrolled in Karar's Summer programming. 

Each dancer auditioning for this scholarship will be  evaluated by the following criteria:  

An anatomical structure suited to the demands of classical dance which includes:
 A well-proportioned frame
Coordinated body
Legs that easily adopt the turned-out condition
 A reasonably high instep
Musical aptitude and a natural gift for movement
Work ethic - Focus

Girls: Plain color leotard, well fitting thin white socks with hair in a                     tightly fixed ballet bun placed high upon the head
Boys: Black shorts, plain white t-shirt, well fitted this white socks
Register to secure your audition time slot. Arrive early to sign in and affix number tags
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Available Time Slots
Age allowed to audition in this time slot
10:00 - 11:00 am 
7 - 10
11:00 - 12 :00 am 
11 - 18
      1:00 - 2:00 pm                      
7 - 10
      2:00 - 3:00 pm               
11 - 18

Winter Term Auditions for 7-18 Year olds 
Held July 31st
112 S Washington Spring Valley, MN

Youth age 7 to 18 years old are invited to audition for the upcoming Winter Term Scholarship  (Winter term begins in September). Auditions are held at 112  S Washington Ave in Karar Academy's Spring Valley location ONLY and awarded only to a dancer for the Spring Valley location. 

No previous training or experience is necessary! 

Applicants may audition during one of the age appropriate time slots.  The audition format allows for 4 dancers to audition at once.  Auditions  require pre-registration. While there is no fee to register, we ask that you only register if you fully plan to audition. 
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Contact and Registration Form
Parent Name:*
E-mail Address:*
Message your desired time slot :
Space is limited. 

Age of Student:*
* Required
Student Name:*
What If I win the Aptitude Scholarship???

Winning this scholarship begins a great adventure! The winner must agree to abide by the following terms:

Depending on age- Dancer will attend either F1 or F2 Conventional Classes 2 days per week as scheduled.
Dancer will attend Stretch Strength and Extend class one day per week.
Dancer will attend private lessons. (to be scheduled)
The winner will agree to commit to faithful attendance at all classes. 

***There is no catch to this Scholarship! However there is a great deal of responsibility and work! 
This is a great opportunity to GROW at a fast pace in Classical Technique and Artistry!!

The Winner will have opportunity to work with Inna Strabrova, graduate from State Vaganova Ballet Academy,   Dmitriy Tuboltsev as well as New York Ballet Master, Finish  Jhung!

The winner will be, as it were, a tool in the directors hand. The winning dancer will be trained regularly and prepared for examinations by Inna Stabrova in advancing levels.
   ***  This is Holly Hutchens, Artistic Director of Karar Academy. 
I have trained at several schools of dance and have a  desire to gain certification in the Vaganova Ballet Style! My desire is not only to deeply grasp the technique and artistry of this style for myself  but MORE SO to refine my ability to pass on my knowledge!!  What sometimes gets lost in the discussion of education in general, and dance education in particular,  pedagogy which is itself a discipline that concerns the study of how best to teach!!!

The exams will be on my ability to pass proper technique on to the dancer!  This is an AMAZING opportunity!
The winner will have opportunity to learn from the highest  level professionals!! 

Should the dancer not hold up to his/her commitment to training 2 to 3 days per week, the Scholarship will be transferred to another dancer. Very little leniency can be shown, as we are setting high goals and the value of the Scholarship is great indeed!

I have read, and agree to the details within this page, including "What If I win the Aptitude Scholarship???"
Audition Registration closes 6pm Thursday July, 30