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Performance Options

How can we best bring the love and joy of Christ to your congregation or group? We are limited only by our imagination Below is a list of ideas for you to consider. But it is not exhaustive!

Congregational worship Service

~ Incorporate multiple dance pieces into your morning worship in place of 'songs. This could be in place of full song service segments back to back or through out the service. (depending on how music is incorporated into you worship time) Dance piece during offering. Dance during candle lighting.

~Bring the Word of God to nursing homes!  We could join you in the same manner as above.

~We could also put together a program of dance, testimony and scripture reading that would fill the entire service time.

~Invite us into your Sunday School classes to teach a lesson to the children based on the scriptural message conveyed in one of the songs that they will see danced in the worship service.

~Use your pre-service Sunday School hour as class time, Karar dancers will teach the children a very small dance, they will perform it at the service.

~Ask our dancers to teach the Children's sermon, a lesson on worship through music and dance. Or a lesson on using our gifts and talents to give God glory.

Public outreach

~ Outside worship services: In the street. In the park. In a parking lot. (someplace with adequate surface for dancing)

~Week night or Weekend evening out reach service. An hour of dance testimony and scripture.

~Youth and/or children's outreach offering a Saturday workshop. Lessons for the attendees along with Bible study based upon the scriptural verse or truth of the songs lyrics.

~The kids can perform what they learn for the families that evening. Along with the children dance, we will offer performance pieces by Karar and teaching. (this avenue is wonderful for bringing in many family members who normally would not attend a church)

"My wife, Sue, and I have had the privilege of attending several performances of the Karar
Academy. We have attended their dance recitals and found them very moving and would like to
have them at our church to perform. We have also attended a fundraier where they were raising
money for a missionary to Africa. They performed as Paul Oman, a famous painter, was painting in the
background. This was a very inspiring performance. Their performance gives glory to God and we would highly
recommend one of their presentations and have them perform at your church or community event." -Bruce and Sue Olson, Osseo, Wisconsin