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Pre Ballet- 
For beginners ages 5-6. Students learn to jump and spin while beginning to stretch and form their bodies for their future in ballet.  This program is broken into 4 quarters (eight weeks per quarter) allowing families to do one, two or all 4 quarters per season.  Just like in the upper level classes, students must pass certain technical aspects and demonstrate basic classroom readiness before advancing to the Fundamentals level. No recital performance unless dancers commit to the entire year.

Ballet Fundamentals 1 & 2-
For the beginning classical ballerina.  Students work on basic classical technique at a steady pace.   If you have attended classical ballet before, an instructor will meet with you and give recommendation of the appropriate class placement.  Testing is required for completion.  No recital performance unless dancers commit to the entire year. 
Fundamentals 1:  Ages 7-9 (or by recommendation of instructor)
Fundamentals 2:  Ages 10+(or by recommendation of instructor) 

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Class Descriptions
Clear Lake Home Page
Karar Academy, Clear Lake is entering it's 11th season and is under the leadership of
Director, Wendy Dietrich. 
*NEW Beginner Ballet Fundamentals
For the late beginner age 7+.  This eight-week class covers the fundamentals of beginner classical ballet for the student unable to start in the fall or would like to try the program without the full year commitment.  Once a student passes this class, they may be invited to participate in Fundamentals 1 or 2 depending on age, skill, and classroom space.  For beginning ballet students ages 7 and up.  No recital performance for this class.

Ballet 3 & up-
Students deepen their understanding of technique, increase pace and advance combinations. Testing required for completion of each level.  Full year commitment is required.  (32 weeks from September to early May)

Pre Pointe & Pointe 1 -
A first level pointe class by instructor recommendation only.  OR a  pre pointe class for dancers who have passed Fundamentals 2 and are not yet ready to be en pointe.     

*NEW Variations-
For students in Fundamentals 1 and above.  Students will study, and practice performing choreography from a wide variety of songs previously choreographed by the Artistic Director and presented by students of Karar Academy for spring recitals, student productions and Student Company.  Students will take their training from the classroom and begin to gain confidence in stage performance, improve their musical awareness for productions, and learn how to work with students from a variety of age and skill levels.  Quarterly registration is available. For the classroom only.  No recital performance for this class.

*NEW Aspire Program!

Aspire is a teacher training program.  Students having passed level 3 training are welcome to register for the Aspire Program. 
The purpose of the Aspire Teacher Training program (ATT) is to raise up dancers from within our own school to become leaders and future Karar instructors.  The ATT will provide our school with dancers, well trained and equipped to stand up and lead a single class at a moments' notice or as planned long term instructors and/or program leaders/directors.  This leadership training must be strongly bent to the heart of the participant.  While they must know how to teach ballet technique, they must foremost have a heart for the Lord their God and be ready to lead in prayer and simple Bible Studies. Whether an ATT participant stays within Karar or moves on, we hope to equip them with leadership skills that will serve them well in any walk of life.  More information is available upon request.

Location   &   Classes
clear Lake Community Center
Proudly located in the Clear Lake Area Community Center.
3rd floor, room 306 
Student Company
  Recreational and Accelerated class options for Fundamentals 2 students. 

Quarterly class options for the beginner. 
Based upon CDC's recommendations, proper safety measures will be taken.