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   Registration Closed           Karar Academy 2019-2020 season   (information is tentative and subject to change)
Classes begin 
September 3, 2019 

• No classes on Thanksgiving day or the Friday after.
• Christmas break is from December 23rd 
through January 1st. 
•  Spring Break March 16-20
• Easter Break April 9-14
•  Spring Recital May 15-16

All classes subject to change and or cancellation due to class size.
Pre Ballet
Dancer, ages 4-6 can learn to jump and spin while beginning to stretch and form their bodies for their future in ballet.  Students may register for Quarter 1, Quarter 2, or the entire year. Quarter 1 & 2 focuses on technique and ballet concepts.  Quarter 3 & 4 will include choreography & recital preparation.  Just like in the upper level classes, students must pass certain technical and basic classroom readiness before advancing to the Fundamentals level. No recital performance unless dancers commit to the entire year.

Ballet Fundamentals 1 & 2-
For the beginning classical ballerina.  Students work on classical technique at a steady pace.   If you have attended classical ballet before, an instructor will meet with you and give recommendation of the appropriate class placement.  Testing is required for completion.
Fundamentals 1:  Ages 7-9 (or by recommendation of instructor)
Fundamentals 2:  Ages 10+ (or by recommendation of instructor) 

Ballet 3 & up-
Students deepen their understanding of technique, increase pace, add skills and advance combinations. Testing required for completion.

Pre Pointe & Pointe 1 -
A first level pointe class by instructor recommendation only.  OR a  pre pointe class for dancers who have passed Fundamentals 2 and are not yet ready to be en pointe.    
No recital performance for pointe 1 students

Pointe 2-
A second level pointe class by instructor recommendation only.  

Combo Class-
open to all dancers in fundamentals 2 and up
These classes incorporate core work, variations, power barre, Contemporary dance, artistry, musicality, pointe for qualified students,  pirouette study, character dance, theater in ballet and much MORE! 
Ever changing, your dancer will truly broaden their scope!!  *Students will need to purchase additional classroom attire.  Character skirt & shoes are available in our online class store.  Find the  link to Discount Dance on the Registration page.

Stretch, Strength and Extend-
A full body stretch class using movements that flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength, and improve leg extension.

*NEW Aspire Program!
 Aspire is a teacher training program.  Students having passed level 3 training are welcome to register for the Aspire Program.  

AP Teacher Training  

The purpose of the AP is to raise up dancers from within our own school to become leaders and future Karar instructors.  The AP will provide our school with dancers, well trained and equipped to stand up and lead a single class at a moments' notice or as planned long term instructors and/or program leaders/directors.  This leadership training must be strongly bent to the heart of the participant.  While they must know how to teach ballet technique, they must foremost have a heart for the Lord their God and be ready to lead in prayer and simple Bible Studies. Whether an AP participant stays within Karar or moves on, we hope to equip them with leadership skills that will serve them well in any walk of life.  More information is available upon request.

Aspire Teacher Training Program is new and we are leaving room for adjustment as needed.  

Willow Jollee F1 tutu and chiffons
Quarter or full year commitment options

Quarter Start Dates for Pre Ballet & 
Fundamentals 1:       September  3rd
                                    October  29th
             No new students in Quarter 3-4

Pre Ballet 
(ages 4-6 or by instructors invitation)
Tuesdays: 3:55-4:40 

Fundamentals 1  
(ages 7-9 or by instructors invitation)
Tuesdays 4:45-5:45

Full year commitments required for the following classes.

Fundamentals 2 (ages 10+ or by instructors invitation)
Thursday 3:50-5:20

Ballet 3 (required two days per week)
Monday 3:50-5:20
Thursday 3:50-5:20

Ballet 4 (required two days per week)
Monday 5:30-7:00* (note time change)
Thursday 6:40-8:10

Ballet 5 (required two days per week)
Monday 6:40-8:10
Thursday 6:40-8:10

Pre Pointe & Pointe 1 (*will join Pointe 2 for remainder of the year)
Tuesday 5:00-6:30

Pointe 2/3 
Tuesday 5:00-6:30* (note time change)

Company Choreography-Christmas Carol Rehearsal
Tuesday 6:40-8:10 (or later, as scheduled)

Combo Class
Thursday 5:30-6:30

Stretch Strength and Extend
Tuesday 3:50-4:50* (note day & time change)
Class Descriptions
Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary!

The final class of quarters 
1 & 2 for
Pre-Ballet and
Fundamentals 1 
 will conclude with 
** Family Viewing Day!** 
 !!Students may register for classes until quarter 2 start date, if class space is available!!! 

Students entering the Pre Ballet or Fundamentals 1 level, may register once for the entire year 
may try out our program by participate in technique classes only during quarter 1 and/or quarter 2!!  A quarter consists of 8 weeks of classes. Quarter start dates are listed below.  Only students that register for the entire year will perform at the spring recital. No new students after quarter 2 start date.

Students entering the  Fundamentals 2 and above register for the entire year and are billed accordingly.  
The payment will not fluctuate if the student is in another sport or misses classes for other reasons. 

Karar Academy limits class sizes for all levels. For this reason students will register and pay for their classes as though they are reserving a place at the barre for the season.  Please make every effort to make a full year commitment! 

Payment Options:  Per Month, Quarter or Full Year
Quarterly start dates & Payment Option Due Dates:

September 3
October 29  
January  7
March  3

Work-study allows students to earn class credit by volunteering.  
 (Space is Limited)
Email to receive more information

Per Class Fees:
$8/class - 45 minute classes
$10/class - 60 minute classes
$12/class - 90 minute classes

Class Fees (regular season information) 
See the Registration Page for information on classroom attire 
Clear Lake Home Page
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Karar Academy is entering it's 11th season in Wisconsin. The WI studio is located in the Clear Lake Area Community Center.  Karar's founder, Holly Hutchens, has relocated to Spring Valley,  MN and is opening a Karar branch in her home!   She will be the sole instructor in this new location. 

The WI studio is now under the leadership of Administrative Director, Wendy Dietrich. Our founder will continue to support the WI studio by serving as off site Artistic Director,  in charge of teacher training.