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Details for Booking the Co

“Artistic Director Holly Hutchens is incredible to work with. She listens and creates a presentation that will lift up the Gospel in a special way. A great person to work with.” ~Paul Oman Drawn to the word Ministries

Booking with Karar Academy Student Ballet Company should be painless! ~My goal is to keep it that way~ Below is a list of our 'needs' but please remember as you read that we can be flexible and DO desire to make this work into your space/needs/budget etc. Do not be afraid to call/email and ask questions or give alternative options.

We will need housing in a safe hotel or home free of pets.

One room with two queen size beds and a roll out or fold out sofabed option (beds for 5) in a nonsmoking room at a reputable,safe establishment. Because we are a Co. of students in Middle and Highschool, the hotel option is strongly encouraged and desired by both director and students the girls love to have a place to be silly and giggly and decompress (maybe even shed tears if the performance challenged them greatly) But the option of a home is not off the table.

We all stay together. For the rest, health and strength of our dancers we request a bed for each girl (two in a queen or full is fine) and in a room with a door outside of the family living space. (ie not a bed in the family room) No floors as it can lead to stiff muscles. Single female or married couple home only, and one recommended by the pastoral staff or venue. We cannot have a home with pets due to severe allergies.

We would ask that you try to provide meals for the duration of our stay. This can be continental breakfast at hotels, home cooked meals, church pot lucks or restaurants. We do try to eat very healthy but we are not opposed to treats! If a meal at a given time can not be provided please be sure it inform us in advance so we can make needed plans.

We can't set a flat rate, as each opportunity is so varied in time distance and even purpose. We ask only for an honorarium and/or free will offering. If traveling a great distance, we ask mileage, housing, and food to be covered.

Stage space should be flat and level with flooring materials of wood, extremely low nap carpet, linoleum or like surfaces. Ideally the stage should be raised to aid in viewing. The space should be an unobstructed area 15x25 feet although we've worked in much smaller. We can work in small and less ideal spaces and surfaces but the quality of the performance and what we can safely offer will become questionable. Also consider that raised alters will obstruct your view. *We will need access to this space before program time to both warm up and rehearse.*

Any lighting and sound will be up to you. Our tiny Academy and Co. has no budget for these things...though good sound is important to the performance.

***TECH NOTE: Please do not fade the music in or out! Counting is a vital to the dancers and begins at the first introductional beat dancers must hear it clearly.

Please provide one dressing room large enough to accommodate 4 dancers and the director. Have it as close to the stage area as possible and provide drinking water in the room. (optional healthy snacks) The dressing room should be available several hours before the performance time.

Please contact Artistic Director Holly Hutchens for booking questions and details

***Excited to hear from you!***
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