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Important Class Information
Ballet Fundamentals 1
ages 7-9
Mon 3:40-4:40

Ballet Fundamentals 2
ages 10 and up
Thu 3:40-5:10 

Ballet 3
Students required to attend both classes
Mon  4:40-6:10
and Fri  3:40-5:10

Ballet 4 & 5
Students required to attend both classes
Mon 7:10-8:40
and Thu 6:10-7:40

Ballet 6
Students required to attend both classes
Wednesday 3:40-4:40
Friday 5:10-6:10

Pre-Pointe/Pointe 1
Mon 6:10-7:10

Pointe 2/3
Tues 3:40-4:40

Company Choreography
Thurs 7:40-8:40
Training will focus on hard technique from September through January. February will be the start of recital preparation.

Classes will begin in September and conclude in May with a dress rehearsal and recital. Dates to be announced in the class newsletter.

• Watch for Thanksgiving break date.
• We will break for Christmas.
• No classes from December 24th
through January 1st.
No classes on Good Friday.

Ballet exam dates are to be announced in the class newsletter.
All classes subject to change and or cancelation due to class size.

Ballet Fundamentals 1&2-
Students work on classical technique at a steady pace. Testing required for completion.

Ballet 3 &up-
Students deepen their understanding of technique, increase pace, add skills and advance combinations. Testing required for completion.

Pointe 1 -
A first level pointe class by instructor recommendation only.  OR
*A pre pointe class for dancers who have passed Fundamentals 2 and are not yet ready to be en pointe.    
No recital performance for pointe 1 students

Pointe 2-
A second level pointe class by instructor recommendation only.
Willow Jollee F1tutu and chiffons