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The goal of Karar Academy is to provide a foundation of solid ballet training and to honor God through the use of dance.
We would be blessed to join you at your worship service or event; contact us for booking information.
"I have never been so blessed by dancers in worship as I have while watching the Karar dancers. I am moved into God's word through their graceful, gracefilled movements which point me to the promise of Jesus. Their ballet style of dance sets them apart from liturgical dance and brings congregations into an experience of worship."
Paul Oman, Drawn to the Word Ministry
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Training dancers in the art of
Classical Ballet Technique 

Ballet is not just for girls!
Boys & girls welcome! 

PreBallet dancers are our youngest dancers, ages 4-6.
Fundamental 1 dancers are learning classical ballet technique and beginning concepts.  ages 7-10 & Fundamental 2 dancers are ages 10+

Ballet 3 and up have completed their Fundamental technique classes and deepen their understanding of technique, increase pace and learn advance combinations.

Ballet 6 is a Pre-Professional focus by invitation only.  Instructors work with students toward audition preparations.
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 New Students Welcome All Season!!! 
The training provided in the academy is professional and excellent. We     are trained in classical technique along with classroom etiquette, respect,  self-discipline, joy, and an overwhelming love for God and his people. And I can truly feel the working of Gods hands.
  ~ Elizabeth, graduate of Karar Academy 2017

    Now registering students for Summer Intensives AND the 2019-2020 season 
New students are welcome!
Summer schedule is on the 
Academy Registration page.
*Summer Intensives*

Pre Ballet & Fundamentals 1 Summer Intensive
!!!Preparing for Some Intense Fun!!!
Work hard...Play Harder!
Ballet Arts and Crafts geared to help our Little Dancers fall more in love with texture and color
Strengthening and Stretching balanced well with Touches of Technique
                                                                                              Counting music with our eyes closed
                                                                                                          Creative Movement
So Much More!
A Summer Intensive carefully prepared to Inspire a love for the
Beauty found in Ballet
- Movement - Rhythm - Artistry -
Intense Summer Ballet FUN!! _______________________________________

Ballet 3 and up Summer Intensive theme:

*Mimicking the Masters*

Our students will given various barre and 
center combinations
as well classical variations from such ballets as 
Swan Lake and Giselle.
After performing the selections they will be 
shown that selection
danced by any of a number of 
Brilliant Ballet Masters.
Video recordings will be taken of the students work on the same selection!
Careful study will then be made of our own work, 
in order to see more clearly our
Artistic, Technical and 
Rhythmic strengths and weakness. 

**Prepare To GROW**
  • Dance the selection
  • Study the Master
  • Record our Repeat of the selection      
  • Study our own Work
  • Repeat once more to further implement our growing understanding 

All Levels will be using this focus in our Daily Bible Studies.
For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords the great, the mighty, the awesome God
'Imitate Christ' is a call we are given in scripture! We will look closely at the life and teaching of Christ We will seek to grow our understanding and pray that we might begin to
pattern our lives and hearts after His example!!