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The goal of Karar Academy is to provide a foundation of solid ballet training and to honor God through the use of dance.
We would be blessed to join you at your worship service or event; contact us for booking information.
"I have never been so blessed by dancers in worship as I have while watching the Karar dancers. I am moved into God's word through their graceful, gracefilled movements which point me to the promise of Jesus. Their ballet style of dance sets them apart from liturgical dance and brings congregations into an experience of worship."
Paul Oman, Drawn to the Word Ministry
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Training dancers in the art of
Classical Ballet Technique 

Ballet is not just for girls!
   Boys & girls welcome! 

Pre-Ballet dancers are our youngest students, ages 4-6.
Fundamental 1 dancers are learning 
classical technique and beginning concepts.  ages 7-10 
 Fundamental 2 dancers learn classical technique, review concepts, and master beginning skills. 
For beginners ages 10+

Ballet 3 and up have completed their Fundamental technique classes and deepen their understanding of technique, increase pace and learn 
advanced  skills and combinations.

Ballet 6 is a Pre-Professional focus by invitation only.  Instructors work with students toward audition preparations.
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Quarter 1-2 focuses on hard technique.  
Quarter 3-4 will focus on choreography and recital preparation.

The training provided in the academy is professional and excellent. We are trained in classical technique along with classroom etiquette, respect,  self-discipline, joy, and an overwhelming love for God and his people. And I can truly feel the working of Gods hands.
  ~ Elizabeth, graduate of Karar Academy 2017

Registration closed
 for the 
 2019-2020 season 


This year is looking to be the best ever!

Artistic Director, Elizabeth Warwick, working 
side by side with Founder Holly Hutchens 
Bringing in
Hundreds of new barre and center exercises!
Anniversary Recital bringing back all of the old favorites from the past 10 years!
Vagonava Character 
Study added to Combo Classes!! 
Vagonava Technique 
added to Technical Class Study
Aspire Program: training aspiring teachers and professionals. 

**New Class room music **
Returning to mid year Choreography study

*New Office and storage space*

**Prepare To GROW**
Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary!